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Morning offerings

Every morning our daughter brings gifts of dolls and stuffed animals to our bedroom. Tonight I found Mousey and Tiny patiently waiting for us to come to bed, apparently missed in this morning’s sweep.


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Thankful for the zoo pass

In spite of my encouragement to sleep till at least 8, J woke up early as usual today. So I checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to be in the 70s till after noon. It was a bit cloudy outside so it seemed perfect for a zoo day.

When asked what animal she wanted to see first, she told each of us separately that she wanted to see the giraffes. We decided a train ride past them could be a great way to see them today. After that we went to the children’s zoo and enjoyed the splash areas. It was great!

We love that having a pass means we can go for just a few hours and do 2 things instead of feeling like we have to see everything in one trip.

I thought it was too quiet

After eating some chicken minis from our favorite fast food place (Chick-fil-A), J went back to the kitchen and stayed pretty quiet.

I asked: “what are you doing?”
She replied: “just sitting here”.

I went in a few minutes later to see a very strange look on her face. She had just tasted a handful of some of the salt she had dumped on her plate. Yep, most of the previously full shaker was now empty.

It now stays in the cabinet unless an adult is present 🙂

Home is a Sacramento hotel room

Since we have an early flight home, my folks put us up in their favorite hotel the night before. This is a great time for Joanna to explore every inch of the room and have a bit of an adventure before she’s cooped up on a couple of planes for the day.

Today’s adventure has us thinking that she may have outgrown the hotel-provided crib.


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Issues, not individuals

A couple of recent incidents have helped me decide to focus on how I talk about Joanna. She’s very sensitive to what we say about her and I’ve seen the hurt look on her face as Jessica and I discuss her while she’s in the room.

Tonight’s episode: saying she stinks, instead of saying her diaper stinks. Shifting the focus from the origin (J’s apparently rotten insides) to the source (Pampers full of expelled evil) of the not-so-heavenly aroma still addresses the fact that it smells like a New Orleans sewer 3 days after Mardi Gras, without the shaming effect on my developing toddler.

Seriously though, I’m making an effort to change how I address situations so the issue is what it’s discussed, rather than the individual.

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